Case Study: AASAS + IZZY

Izzy Platform & Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services (AASAS)

The Client

Association of Alberta  Sexual Assault Services (AASAS) is an Alberta based non-profit that helps raise awareness around access to sexual assault support services. They coordinate and collaborate with many other organizations in Alberta to create a network of support centres.

AASAS’s vision is for Albertans affected by sexual abuse and sexual assault to have access to healing and recovery programs, services and supports.

You can read more about AASAS at 

The Challenge

AASAS recognized that support resources were available in larger centres in Alberta. However, smaller communities were being underserved. 

These communities did not have a dedicated line for support and people were forced to use support lines from larger city centres. 

This meant that people may not be accessing resources and information that was relevant for them.

AASAS’s vision was to provide a single point of access to
phone/text/chat support in Alberta for people requiring sexual violence information, support and referral. 

The Solution

Using Izzy, AASAS was able to expand their services across Alberta. Izzy’s web-based platform allows volunteers to work from anywhere there is an internet connection. This gave AASAS access to a much larger pool of volunteers, helping them to expand into other communities.

Local resources are displayed based on where the caller is. This means that clients are receiving resources that are accessible to them. Not only can people call, they can now text and chat as well. Further removing barriers for people who are unable or uncomfortable to call.

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