Customize the platform to suit your unique needs.

Izzy is a software platform that can be customized to suit each organizations unique needs.

If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, let us know! Contact us today to find out how we can tailor the platform for you.

App for volunteers

Volunteers can work from anywhere.

Izzy has a mobile app built for remote volunteers. Volunteers can manage all communication in the palm of their hand, or easily switch to desktop to continue their contact. Give your agency the best chance at increasing your volunteer pool by offering them remote capabilities.

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Connect with those who need you, wherever they are.

Talk to clients via SMS, phone, chat or Facebook Messenger.

Izzy consolidates calls and conversations from SMS and web chat into one easy to use dashboard. Your clients can choose how they want to communicate with you, putting their needs first.

Manage schedules with ease.

Schedule Volunteers and Staff.

Izzy’s built in scheduling solution allows you to coordinate on-site and remote workers for shifts. Volunteers and staff receive shift reminders, can trade shifts on the mobile-friendly platform, allowing for ultimate flexibility including integrated phone routing to their personal cell phones.

Keep track of your impact.

Track progress while ensuring client privacy.

Izzy tracks and records SMS, chat and Facebook Messenger activity anonymously. Chat history can be filtered by conversation type, date, and more. Izzy’s automated ticketing system allows for customized questions and fields to collect the data that’s important to your organization.

Learn more about how we keep your information secure.

Reporting has never been this easy.

Get funders the data they're looking for

Conversation reports can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel format for easy sharing. Izzy understands the metrics that are important to non-profits. Our reporting dashboard automatically consolidates data and lets you understand your impact on the community with ease.

Connect clients with needed Services

Refer clients through an integrated resource guide.

Izzy connects to online service directories, or curated libraries, to allow you to easily connect clients with the services they need.  Our search tools automatically use the client’s location to provide useful, relevant information. Resource guides can also be customized or developed for each organization's needs.

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Izzy + AASAS

See how Izzy helped Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services to serve more communities and help more people.