How does Izzy support remote helplines?

Izzy has the ability to support fully remote helplines, as well as on-premises and hybrid lines. Remote work has gained traction during the pandemic, due to the flexibility it provides. In this blog post, we will explain the benefits of remote lines, and how Izzy supports organizations looking to provide remote lines.

What is a remote helpline?

A remote helpline is simply a helpline where all the supporters don’t need to be in the same physical location. This allows a lot of flexibility for not only volunteers, but also for staff and supervisors.

What are the benefits to remote helplines?

There are many benefits to offering remote lines to volunteers and staff. This includes:

  • Increased volunteer interest and retention due to flexibility
  • Larger pool of volunteers available
  • Better performance from staff and volunteers
  • Lower operating costs

Many nonprofit organizations struggle to find and retain the volume of volunteers they need. Remote lines can be very attractive to volunteers due to the flexibility it offers. Volunteers are able to offer their time from the comfort of their own home, and organizations can expand their reach for volunteers from local to more expansive locations.

How does Izzy support remote helplines?

Izzy integrates phone, text, chat and Facebook Messenger into one common dashboard. This is the foundation of supporting remote lines, and allows staff and volunteers to visit the cloud-based platform from any phone or computer, via the website or app.

The integrated platform also allows for all tickets to be generated and submitted virtually. This allows organizations to operate their helplines anywhere, and eliminate the need for paperwork or physical files to be kept in-office.

Izzy is built to be adaptable, so it can handle remote or in-office workforces. Volunteers and staff can work directly from their cell phones, call centres, or within remote or in-office locations. The platform is adaptable, so it can easily be modified to handle any changing requirements organizations may have.

Get rid of those shared cell phones

Does your organization pass around a shared cell phone, or forward calls to different numbers on a daily basis? Izzy’s fully integrated schedule system automatically forwards calls to staff or volunteers based on who’s scheduled, and the number(s) they’ve registered in Izzy. Save the cost, and extra work and let Izzy do it for you!


There are many benefits for organizations to operate their lines remotely, and Izzy is able to support their clients needs. Izzy makes it easy for organizations to customize their remote lines to best suit their needs and achieve their goals.


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