General Questions

There are a lot of factors that go into pricing Izzy products, so we do it on a case by case basis. We appreciate the constraints that nonprofits need to deal with and try to provide pricing that fits into those constraints.

Izzy Helpline

Yes, Izzy Helpline can sit on-top of your current phone setup. You can still use all of Izzy Helpline’s great routing features, but don’t need to disrupt your current setup.

Izzy Case Manager

Yes, while we do help you setup your initial funder reports, all reports can be built, or modified by you anytime. So if a funder changes their requirements, you don’t need to wait, or pay us to fix them, you always have full control (though we’re always here to help!)

We walk you through launching from start-to-finish. The main steps are:

  • We sign agreement
  • Client fills in onboarding-forms
  • Izzy setups up instance
  • Izzy imports data from old systems if needed
  • We review setup configuration
  • We have 3 training sessions with staff & volunteers
  • Client has beta testing period
  • We launch!
  • Then Izzy is always around for support