Education Event Planning

education event planning

At Izzy, we understand that education and prevention programs have huge impacts within schools and the community. Izzy Case Manager makes education event planning easy, using a single, integrated platform.

Using Izzy Case Manager, education teams within a nonprofit can utilize the features provided to reach more people in the community. Some of the features that Izzy offers includes:

  • Built-in education event planning
  • Staff access to education planning and scheduling
  • Event templates for future use
  • Attendee access to education events, requests and details
  • Reporting and tracking

Empower your Education Team by providing them with a platform that is built for their unique needs.

With Izzy, staff members can work together within a single, integrated platform. Your nonprofit may be relying on third-party event planning sites to fit the needs of the education program, however that isn’t necessary anymore. With Izzy’s built-in education event planning, eliminate the use of third-party sites entirely. We can do this by:

  • Staff Scheduling Access: The Education Event Calendar is shared and accessible by the entire education team. Staff members can view the full calendar, or a modified version by adding filters to adjust to view by event type, scheduled staff, event confirmation and status of the event.
  • Microsites: Izzy has built-in microsites that Educators can access to create events, eliminating the need for third-party platforms. Event planning is completed within the platform, including sending invitations to potential attendees.
  • Event Planning: When planning events, Izzy provides the Education team with all the necessary tools to plan from start to finish within the software. All of these options provided by Izzy allow your nonprofit to complete event planning in a full circle manner, without needing to access third party planning and event sites.
  • Form Builder: Educators can access the built-in Form Builder when planning events. This allows Educators to create forms relevant to their programs. These forms can be accessed at any time to modify, edit or create new forms. The forms generate important information that can later be used to fill out reports and update management on program progress and reach within the community, or any gaps that may be occurring. Any attendees can access the forms on their own personal devices to complete.
  • Event Tracking: Educators can track events, including view the attendee list, scheduled staff, dates, forms and reportable disclosures. All of these options are built-in to the event planner. Tracking provides important information and event history for Educators and can be later accessed to complete reports for review of management or submission of data to funders.

Izzy provides community and attendee access to your Education Event Planning by providing features that are accessible.

A key aspect of event planning is providing access to potential attendees. This includes members of the community, staff of schools and institutions, and parents that may want more information about the programs and presentations their children are attending in schools. Izzy provides an all-access-pass for attendees to view the event details, required forms and any resources made public by the nonprofit. This is provided by creating a microsite within the case management software that generates a link to share with attendees or post publicly. The microsite allows potential attendees to register for the event and submit forms online. This eliminates the need for Educators to manually enter data, saving the team valuable administrative time that can be used to reach more children and schools that need it most.

We assist you with networking, so that you can make connections with schools that need your support. This is accomplished through Izzy’s event requests, accessible by members of the community and schools. Any school that is interested in your nonprofits education program can submit an event request and the education team can manage and respond.

Connect with us today to tell us how your nonprofit is connecting with students and the community, and we will share how our platform can help make that connection easier.

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