Form Management


Form management is a vital part of nonprofit client work, and Izzy is here to help you manage them.

We understand that finding a case management software that works for your nonprofit can be difficult. Izzy makes the management of forms and paperwork easy for your nonprofit so that you can focus on providing support services to your clients. The case management software provides pre-existing forms, or the option to build forms that will suit the needs of your nonprofit. With Izzy, you can auto-assign forms to clients and send automatic reminders when forms are coming due. With our Case Management software, you can utilize the features to benefit your nonprofit:

  • Pre-Existing Forms: These forms are already loaded onto the platform for staff members to have access to. The pre-existing forms are relevant to nonprofits and include surveys such as TSC-40, Index of Well-being and Coping, Mann-Whitney Test of Counseling Process and more.
  • Form Builder: Using the Form Builder, your nonprofit can create forms specific to you. The form builder is easy to use to create and edit forms. As reporting is vital to nonprofits, the Form Builder can help generate relevant and useful data for reporting purposes and provide responses for clinical staff to reference in regard to their clients.
  • Auto-Assign Forms: Your nonprofit can select specific forms to automatically be assigned to clients. When adding a new client in Izzy, these forms will automatically be sent to your clients, reducing the administrative time required with queuing forms to send. You can add new clients into Izzy, or to group sessions, with confidence that the correct and accurate forms are sent to your client for completion.
  • Accessibility: When forms are sent out to clients, they can access them on their personal devices. They will be able to review and fill out their forms anywhere, anytime.
  • Client Reminders: When forms are automatically or manually assigned forms on their file, they will receive reminders when these forms are going to expire. Izzy will send email or SMS reminders of upcoming expiring forms, and staff will be able to see these reminders in the client file and on their dashboard. This helps ensure that paperwork is completed in a timely manner, without the need to follow-up with clients, guardians and parents. With Izzy, your nonprofit can lower the administrative time spent working with form management and get to what matters most – your clients.

With Izzy’s Form Builder, your organization can create forms that suit the unique needs of your organization and the programs and services it offers.

At Izzy, we offer fully customizable software, including the ability to build forms that fit the needs of your organization and programs. Many case management softwares are not built for nonprofit organizations as Izzy is. So, Izzy provides your agency with relevant forms, or the ability to create forms to suit your needs. This is where the Form Builder comes into play. With the Form Builder, you can create forms that are specific to your agency, and the programs within it. Forms can be created for the clinical team, including individual and group counseling forms. These unique forms can provide organization-specific data for reporting, as well as provide staff and counselors with important information pertaining to their client. The Education Team can also access the Form Builder to create event-specific forms that attendees can access from their personal devices before the event. The Form Builder is built-in to the Izzy Case Manager software and is easy to use or modify at any time.

Our software is designed to meet the needs of your nonprofit, to keep your teams connected to your clients.

Izzy understands how vital the paperwork process is to a nonprofit. We’ve built our software to make it easy for you to stay up to date on upcoming or incomplete forms, create forms and make necessary changes, independently. This way, your organization can make necessary changes without needing to wait for us to update the software or manually add a feature or form. If Izzy Case Manager seems like we could be the right solution for your form management needs, contact us today!

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