General Case Management


With Izzy’s fully customizable platform, our case management software can work to suit your needs.

At Izzy, we offer a case management software that is built specifically for non profit organizations. We know that many softwares nonprofits are using currently are not built for them, but rather make do with the software they have. We provide the tools and functions necessary to operate your nonprofit seamlessly in case management. The dashboards within our software are well-designed and easy to use, creating a good workflow. The dashboards provide important information clearly, and keeps staff members aware of relevant information and upcoming deadlines. Other features that our case management software includes is:

  • Data entry work flow that makes it easy to enter client information and book appointments
  • Ability to select a single calendar, or multiple to view
  • Reporting and pre-canned reports
  • Client profiles that provide all necessary information without risk of duplicate entries
  • Client information tailored to nonprofits, including client-specific information such as preferred name, preferred room, sensitivities/requests, method of contact and more

Does your nonprofit have specific needs or wishes that would help with day-to-day operation? Izzy can handle them, and work with your requests and needs to ensure you have the best tool for the job.

At Izzy, we are committed to providing you with a program that works with your nonprofit, rather than against it. Our software is fully customizable and will be updated regularly to continue to give your organization the best experience possible. If you want to hear more about how Izzy can help your nonprofit, book a demo today!

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