Generating reports is efficient when using Izzy Case Manager’s intuitive reporting system, built specifically for nonprofits like yours.

At Izzy, we understand that nonprofits generate large amounts of data everyday. This information includes client information, demographics, how programs are performing and their reach.. This information is accessed by staff members to help build budgets, apply for funding or provide reports to funders and the Board of Directors. We understand how important it is for nonprofits to be able to generate reports easily and generate data that is easy to understand. Generating reports can be time consuming, but Izzy has built a modernized reporting system to support the unique needs of your nonprofit.

Izzy’s reporting feature provides an in-depth reporting and filter system that is easy to use and can be customized to fulfill your nonprofits needs.

Our goal is to make report generation easy for you and your nonprofit. We have put all of the data in one place, where it is easy to access, interconnected and up to date. Izzy will help your nonprofit by maximizing efficiency and effectiveness to make the most out of employee time that is spent on generating reports. Our reporting feature will also save you time in the future with our pre canned reports, filters and templates. When generating data, you can save pre-canned reports, and access them again as many times as you need, without having Izzy’s reporting feature offers the following reporting options, with endless opportunity for customization:

  • Clinical and Education Reporting
  • Pre-canned reporting
  • Client reports, including clinician-specific data
  • Form reports
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Waitlists and waitlist KPI’s
  • Session reports

Izzy can help your nonprofit access relevant reports using a feature that suits your needs.

Our case management software is here to support your nonprofits unique needs. As Izzy is fully customizable, you can gain access to insights that are relevant for your organization. We understand that nonprofit programs and services are often integrated, which means it is important to have software that can support all of your programs and the workload. If you think Izzy could provide solutions to some of your current challenges, contact us today!

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